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How is mobile and tablet usage affecting kids’ and parents’ life?

Current Situation

Children these days are mostly hooked onto their smart devices (mobiles and tablets). Equipped with lots of games and fun content, these devices are very lucrative for youngsters. However, the kind of content which is available on youtube may prove to be dangerous from a child’s mental and overall development perspective.

Choose good learning content

Viewing online content such as nursery rhymes and learning videos, on YouTube channels like Polly Olly may come to your rescue in this situation. These rhymes have replaced the age-old storytelling tradition and have proved to be beneficial in a child’s mental growth. The videos hold a child’s attention and encourage them to learn new things on their one, simply by watching the videos.

Action from parents

The biggest concern you might have at this stage may be forcing your child into smart device addiction right from the start. This habit will indeed, last for quite some time but it is upto us. as parents, to control what they watch and how long they watch it for. Ensuring that children watch only learning and educational videos only for specific times during the day can help you make sure your child does not get obsessed with these smart devices.

The motto would be: Be committed and focus on the best type of parenting you can deliver. Do that, and it will shine.

Here is a great learning video from Polly Olly to teach kids a good habit of washing hands

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