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Role of YouTube in kid's life?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Whether you like it or not, YouTube is a part of our lives and for the most part it can be great. However, your children are most likely enjoying it a lot. Sometimes way too much, especially since a platform like this can lead to a lot of addiction to the internet. But there are always methods you can use in order to stay away from this sort of issue. You just have to adapt the way you do everything as you try to take your time and complete all the tasks in front of you.

For a child, YouTube addiction is not good at all. Children can waste a lot of time on the platform. And the problem is that you never have control over what they see or learn. That’s why making sure that you are near them when they use the platform is a sheer priority. Then you also have to think about kids learning experiences.

As long as you visit a channel like Super simple songs, Cocomelon or Polly Olly, where a child can find nursery rhymes, things will be more than ok. The idea is to avoid YouTube channels that showcase violence or which bring in bad content that doesn’t really deliver on the promise.

So, try to make your child focus more on stuff like nursery rhymes and less on things that may not offer him/her a good time. Sure, entertainment is fun, but the primary focus has to be learning. Your child is bound to thank you later.

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To make parent’s life easier we made a 10 episode series and in each episode we teach a good habit to the kids in a fun and entertaining way. You can watch all videos of this series here

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