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What is the importance of nursery rhymes in children's early years?

The early years of children shape their personality and behaviour. Young children and babies develop their communication and language skills at the primary ages. It is important that you make the learning process fun and interesting so that the little ones can be enthusiastic about learning. There are many methods of learning. However, one of the most effective and age old methods is singing nursery rhymes. Learn about the importance of nursery rhymes in the early years of children’s lives.

They help in teaching new words

Children learn new words and their meanings from nursery rhymes. Pictures, animations and props enhance their understanding of the meaning of words. This is the very foundation which children need to learn reading and writing. Children understand the importance of language and several aspects of it like rhyming words. Singing rhymes makes them aware of the musical tunes and rhythm.

They help in development of social skills

When adults sing nursery rhymes, children respond to it positively. If adults make the process fun, children will participate more. Using props or videos can make the learning more efficient. Kids copy the actions of adults. How you portray this plays a significant role. Overall, it builds confidence in children and help their social skills. Learning in a group imparts the idea of group activity, which is an essential lesson for children to learn.

They can help kids determine their interests

Nursery rhymes should be sung with rhythmic movement. When children hear adults singing or dancing to musicals and nursery rhymes, they tend to follow their action. Some children enjoy singing more while others enjoy dancing to the rhymes. Parents and teachers must be observant and help children in moulding their hobbies based on their inclinations.

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